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Solar Panel Cleaning

Use commercial grade deionizing water-filtration with solar panel cleaning tools to carefully clean a solar system. Increasing a system's electrical output to peak efficiency! 

Be environmentally conscious NEVER use chemicals or detergents on your solar panels. No cleaning detergents are approved by all solar panel manufactures and use can void warranties. 

In California, and other arid areas try to use water efficient equipment.


Professional installation cost vary depending on system layout.

Professional installation typically cost between $8.00/ft. - 11.00/ft. 

Using 4", 6" or 8" PVC coated metal mesh wiring with 1/2inch cross-sections.

High Quality J-Hooks are important for installation. Don't be fooled by less expensive options. High quality J-Hooks allow for easier installation and a better quality proofing barrier that will last. 

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