Solar Panel Cleaning Infomation

Solar panel cleaning is an essential maintenance service that increases production of renewable energy.

Industry best practice standards recommend using commercial grade deionizing water-filtration with specialized solar panel cleaning tools to carefully clean solar panels increasing the systems electrical output to peak efficiency! 

Solar panel maintenance increases electricity production on average by 30% annually in California! 

The Central valley has some of the highest air particulate concentrations in California.

Air pollutants, especially dust and particulate matter, are estimated to reduce solar power generation by as high as 40%-60% in the regions of high concentrations. When solar panels are clean, you can see the grids and solar cells under the shining glass. When the panel looks plain black or mat-brown, you have lost a significant amount of energy production.

Tap water often contains minerals and particulates that can cause damage to the panels over time and can leave mineral deposit residue. You may think that you can clean your panels like you would a car or a window with sprays and soaps, but this can cause warranty voids and harm your system in the long run. Chemicals harm solar cells! 

No solar panel cleaning detergent is approved by all manufacturers for use on solar panels. The industry's recommended method is to use purified deionized water to gently rinse and soft scrub the panels clean 

Research conducted by CSU, Duke University and in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Technology concluded that without regular cleaning “air pollutants, especially dust and particulate matter, are estimated to reduce the solar power generation by as high as 60% in the regions of their high concentrations''. In California, research shows that on average a solar system will lose 30% of its energy production without proper maintenance. The Central Valley has the highest concentration dust and particulate matter in California. The loss in solar energy production accumulates and can cause long term value loss due to panel degradation.

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