Commercial Solutions

Autonomous and semi-autonomous robotics solutions with wet and dry cleaning techniques.Are you interested in learning more about available products lines and autonomous solutions?PRO WASH SOLAR can assist with your assessment and connect you with a distributor at no additional cost.

Sola-Tecs has innovated commercial grade solar panel cleaning equipment.

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Revolutionary fully automated solar robot design for cleaning ground mounted utility - scale power plants worldwide. Dry cleaning with rotating brushes up to 6 m incorporated aided AI allows it to  Automatic adaptation to the height and inclination of all solar systems. Insuring a predefined constant pressure on solar panels and avoiding risks of damages. The solar bridge is the biggest, smartest, in fastest robot developed by solarcleanero so far.


The next generation autonomous waterless it's waterless solar panel cleaning robot for any installations. Automatically recharged batteries and programmed cleaning sessions for working 24 hours A-day. Robotic design and customized solutions tailored to big solar farms cleaning in semi debt semi - arid regions and desert areand desert areas. 


Your all-in-one solar panel cleaning solution. The SolarCleano Fl is a remote-controlled solar panel cleaning robot with the highest cleaning capacity on the market. Suitable for wet and dry cleaning on any type of solar installations.


Ultra lightweight and versatile, the mini robot cleaner is your best friend for smaller solar installations. Capable of both water and waterless cleaning, this solar robot is remote-controlled and battery-powered.


The robot transporter allows an easy transport of solar robots from one panel road to the next. Remote-controlled and battery powered. Conventionally tilts to the right angle to the right angle of any solar installation for installation for seamless operation.