Regular Quarterly Maintenance

Why is regular quarterly maintenance so important?

  • Air pollutants, especially dust and particulate matter are estimated to reduce solar power generation by as high as 60% in the regions of high concentrations. The Central Valley is considered a region of high concentration due to dust and air particulate matter (dust, pollen, ash and pollutantes).

  • The Central Valley of California is The Dust Bowl of America; solar maintenance makes a big difference. Water conservation matters in the Central Valley Area.

  • Research conducted by Duke University in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Technology concluded that without regular cleaning 'air pollutants, especially dust, air polutiontants and particulate matter, are estimated to reduce solar power generation by as high as 40% - 60% in the regions of their high concentrations', like the California Central Valley area. On avaerage Californians lose 30% of their solar energy production.

  • Tap water contains minerals and particulates that cause damage to solar panels over time and can leave mineral residue, reducing the longevity of your solar panel system. PRO WASH SOLAR purifies and dionizes water onsite.

  • PRO WASH SOLAR uses purified de-ionized water, lifting mineral deposits and leaving your panels looking like new, increasing you electrical production to peak efficiency. Increasing your return on your solar energy investment.

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